4 Reasons Why Mobile Apps Are Vital to Run a Successful Restaurant Business

This is beyond any doubt that in today’s tech-savvy era, having an effective mobile app is crucial for maintaining the successful growth of your SME. For instance, let us consider the example of Starbucks, an eminent brand name in the industry of food and beverage. According to a research, this brand conducted more than 15% of the total monetary transactions through their dedicated mobile application alone! Now, do you think this percentage is something to ignore at all?

So, if you are still confused over the fact whether getting a mobile app for your business is worth the entire investment or not, here is a list of 4 cogent reasons why you should opt for an effective mobile app to run your restaurant business successfully.

#1 Improvement in Bookings

When you come up with an efficient mobile app for your restaurant, making the bookings become absolutely effortless. Wondering how? Well, let us look into the normal booking procedure first!

Customers need to make a call and wait for someone to pick it up, next, they have to wait until someone can confirm whether the accommodation is possible or not. If it is possible then checking and letting the customers know about the exact time availability. Not to forget, another problem is confirming the name and surname of the customer a dozen of times so that no spelling mistakes occur that can raise booking confusion! So, you can understand that this booking procedure is really troublesome for both ends.

On the other hand, making a booking through an app is extremely convenient as customers can easily check on their own about the seat availability. They can simply fill up the necessary information via the app. From the restaurant owner’s end, sending a push notification confirming the booking also becomes easier. At the same time, cancelling the booking becomes smoother as well.

#2 Referral and Loyalty Programs

If a customer is regular to your restaurant, it is an expected practice to offer that particular person certain loyalty program. This would not only help you to enhance your customer base but would help to boost the sales as well.

Offering customised offers to the customers cater them to feel special, they understand that you care about them. Integrating a mobile app makes it easier for the restaurant owners to keep track of information of their customers along with their past orders. This helps to incentivise them in the form of personalised discounts. Maybe, you can offer them special discounts on their birthdays or anniversaries; maybe, a discounted meal offer on special orders etc.

Hence, managing such referral and loyalty programs to keep the existing customers along with attracting new customers becomes smoother using an efficient mobile app.

#3 Smarter Orders for Take-Outs

Nowadays, most of the people own a smartphone. Starting from doing online shopping to booking movie tickets – you can do everything online! Not feeling like having your dinner at home but feeling too exhausted to go out? No more worries! You can order your food online via the mobile app from your favourite restaurant.

Various researches show that most of the time, during the peak hours, either the customers find the phone line busy or they need to confirm the order several times to avoid messed up orders. When you offer an app to the customers, they can effortlessly choose the dishes they want and place the order. Even from the business owner’s side, managing such electronic orders is handy.

#4 Easy Payment Processing

No one wants to wait in a queue for a long time. So, why would your customers do so to make payments for the take-out orders? Here come the benefits of incorporating payment processing in your app. Let the customers pay online for the foods they are ordering. It would help you to avoid the hassle at the front desk. Apart from this, it would benefit in the following ways.

  • Getting rid of the risks where customers order and then never show up to collect the order
  • No need to check and tally again and again the paid and collected orders

Final Thoughts

Apart from all the above-mentioned points, by devising a potent mobile app, restaurant owners can cater the customers with improved menu access. They can easily select the dishes they want to have without going through the pain of repeating the order multiple times over phone to avoid messed up orders. Moreover, this would make sure better marketing ROI along with enhanced customer engagement and improved customer relationship.

The Ugly Truth No One Is Telling

The unprecedented deluge of rain from Hurricane Harvey has left Houston and surrounding areas of Texas like a scene from the latest disaster movie San Andreas. There is really a definitive reason why disasters like this recent hurricane will only preclude that another more devastating storm will collide with populated areas around the globe. But, that is only part of the more disturbing scenario that is playing out all over the world. Yet, we have people in positions that could affect change to negate much of what will happen but aren’t willing to acknowledge what fossil fuels have been and are still doing to our planet, our populations and our environment.

It was back in the early 1970′s that scientists began to realize what man has been doing to the environment and it’s effect on populations. Without a doubt the scientific community have concurred that climate change is real and a real threat to all living organisms on our planet. Man has through their unrelenting thirst for more wealth using the fuel sources of the First and Second Industrial Revolution has effectively created conditions where mega storms like Hurricane Harvey will only increase in frequency and intensity.

We also have to realize that air quality all over the globe has become more polluted, and our water from our oceans to freshwater rivers, streams and lakes have become cesspools where bacteria and other deadly microbes have spawned whereby more outbreaks of diseases and more deaths keep occurring. Today, there is enough scientific evidence to conclude that rising CO2 emissions not only induce more catastrophic mega storms but make our food sources protein deficient. This protein deficiency affects our youth as well as adults. This is disturbing because our youth are more susceptible to protein deficiency. What that means is latter in life more serious health problems will occur. The evidence is overwhelming when we look at the increase of cancer rates, obesity, diabetes and other serious health concerns all have increased every year for the past 30 years or more.

As if that is not bad enough a recent study published in the Journal of Environmental Health found that populations will continue to lose drastic amounts of dietary protein. They point out that when CO2 emission levels rise as they have been the nutritional value of stable crops declined. So what we are seeing today is that with constant CO2 emissions the way they stand now the food we eat is linked to the increase of health related problems we are seeing today. The loss of protein in our diets affects billions of people the world over.

Not only does CO2 emissions drastically reduce protein levels in our food supply but it decimates the iron levels as well. Today, billions of women lose sufficient levels of iron just because of the increasing levels of CO2. Like protein deficiency the lack of dietary iron has an adverse and long lasting effect on everyone’s health including heart attacks and stroke. This is a global health crisis. Immune systems break down and the risk of Pandemics is rising faster each year.

Combined with the increases of CO2 emissions along with the industrialization of our food has put mankind on the endangered species list. The ugly truth no one is telling is set to explode right in front of our noses and yet too many especially our Republicans have continued to dismiss the scientific facts of what fossil fuel has been doing to life, liberty and happiness. It is imperative that this nation and the rest of the world understand that we now have the technology, and the means to effectively render fossil fuels obsolete. All that is missing is the political will to usher in sustainable green energy sources that will protect our food, our planet and provide renewable energy for all now and for the future.